5 Quick Steps to Leveraging Twitter for Your Job Search

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By: Clark Jenkins

When it comes to searching for your new career, you will likely find yourself on social media sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Ladders, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Where most job seekers are missing the mark is by not actively seeking employment by utilizing some of the key components of Twitter.   Twitter can be quite intimidating to the new user trying to get a grasp on “yet another” social media site.   Let’s break it down to minimize the job seekers time commitment by following these five quick-start steps to successfully leveraging Twitter in a job search.


Create a profile that you will solely use as you build your professional network. First you will need to select a username. Ideally, you will be able to use your real name such as @clarkjenkins.  If your name is not available, try using your middle initial in your username such as @clarkajenkins. If you are still not having any luck, try your name and profession.  For example, @clarkjenkinssales. This will be your first identifying marker to your prospective employers so simplicity is key.


Setting up your short, professional bio using keywords. You will use this short space to showcase your expertise. Utilize words that describe your strengths and that will likely be found in your desired job description.  For example, a Global Sales Director may have their bio mention keywords such as Leader, Motivator, Passionate about Business Development, World Traveler, etc. These are simple words that will align with human resource professionals  as they glance over your profile.


Use the twitter search bar to follow companies and their leaders. You can send personal direct messages to hiring managers but be sure to customize each one. For example, “Hi John, I recently saw that your company is expanding into my town.  I happen to have some great ideas on how to utilize some of the strengths of our city to your advantage. I am in transition right now and I’m looking for a new, exciting and rewarding challenge”.  Template messages will typically be ignored. Show your personality and drive by connecting to them with your knowledge.


It’s important to build your professional brand by tweeting relevant topics to your field. You can easily “retweet” articles of interest by signing up for aggregating content sites such as SmartBrief at smartbrief.com.  Tweet information pertaining to news that may be of interest to your future employer to show your engagement to the industry.


Tweet every few days that you are actively searching for your new career. Using hashtags will also help with your ability to find new opportunities, such as #jobseeker, #talent, #nowhiring, #graphicdesigner, #sales.  Don’t forget to use the twitter search bar to filter your results by using words such as location and level.  For example, search for “Hiring Cincinnati Senior Level Management”. When these important contacts begin to follow you back, let them know you are searching for a new opportunity and include a link to your online website or LinkedIn profile.  You may be surprised that people really do want to help others in need if they are able.  Ask for the help.

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