5 Must Do Things to Kick Off Your 2017 Job Search

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By: Jill Thompson

How do you jump start your job search in the new year? The holidays can feel like a slowdown for someone in a career transition or simply looking for a new job, but January and February have proven to be a time when companies are in the hiring mode. This is a time of year when most decision makers are in the office, budgets have been set and any delayed hiring activities can move forward. It’s time to create an action plan and execute it.

Here are five actionable ways to kick off your 2017 job search campaign:

  1. Define Your Personal Brand What do you want to do, where do you want to be and why is it meaningful to you? This will help determine what role is out there that matches up with your brand. Working with a career coach can help you figure this out. Knowing the what (tasks and responsibilities), where (environment, commute, etc.) and why (passion and meaning) helps narrow your focus!
  2. Shine on LinkedIn (And All Social Media) – Once you’ve identified your personal brand and the roles that you’re going for – shore up your LinkedIn profile. Get a professional headshot taken, update your headline with key words and job titles, add your branding statement to your summary section. Make it easy for others to see what is unique about you! Ask for a recommendation. Intentionally add new connections. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to market yourself.
  3. Network, Network, Network – Don’t just apply to jobs that are posted on job boards and sit back and wait for a response. Develop contacts by reaching out to people you know and reaching out to people you want to know. Attend an association event. Set up an informational coffee with an influencer. Call the local chamber of commerce and see what events are scheduled. Pick up the phone and call a former colleague. It’s still true that the majority of jobs are never posted online, it’s who you know.
  4. Hold Yourself Accountable – Set goals with deadlines and track your activity.
    1. Add 3 new LinkedIn connections weekly, 5 LinkedIn discussion participations, 3 monthly networking sessions, 1 interview/site visit, 5 daily emails to stay “connected”, etc.
    2. Create a spreadsheet with your activity. Track everything you’ve done by action, date and result. It will be easy to see your productivity and successes when it’s mapped out.
  5. Educate Yourself – Are there any technical or soft skills you’re lacking? Sign up for an online course to brush up on a software skill. Look for classes on presentation or public speaking skills. Seek out ways to add to your skillset.

If you’re interested in learning more job search tips leave a comment below or email us at Info@InnovateICC.com for more info.


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