5 Easy Ways to Manage Your Boss

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By: Daniel Velarde

The theory of ‘managing your boss’, begs the question, “should I be managing the person who is responsible for managing me?” This new concept of “managing up” is an even more effective way to communicate at work, with not only your boss, but also your colleagues. Here are five easy ways to manage your boss.

  1. Show up and perform your job: Eliminate worry and the possible helicopter parent by simply proving you take your job seriously. Managers know when employees are “phoning it in” and expect you to overcome obstacles proving that no one can do what you do. They expect your best, and you should want to give it to them.
  2. Be honest and trustworthy: Simply doing your job is not enough. Be honest, reliable and possess the ability to cooperate with others in the workplace. This will make the relationship work as smoothly as possible. Understand that the employee/boss relationship is one of mutual dependence.
  3. Meet deadlines: Follow through and stay on task to maintain peace and harmony at work. Be honest about challenges you may face, making sure you’re not leaving anyone in the lurch. Set your expectations high and meet them every time.
  4. Identify strengths, weaknesses, work styles and needs: Have a proper understanding of what makes your boss tick. Over-communicate and give updates, even when you think your boss knows what’s going on. Remember that your boss is your richest resource. It is up to you to help your boss understand how he or she can help you do your best work.
  5. Offer solutions instead of problems: Knowing your way around a problem when faced with a challenge is key in creating trust and self-assurance that you can do your job.   Help prevent your boss from having to make one more decision in their day. This will prove your competency and demonstrate that you have interest in seeing them be successful as well.

Let there be no doubt that your single most important job at work is the relationship between you and your boss, so be sure to dedicate time and energy to this relationship.

Do you have more ideas on how to manage your boss? What would you do differently?  Have you seen a positive or negative outcome from any of these strategies?  I’d love to hear back from you to keep this conversation going.

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    GREAT job and practical, smart tips!

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