5 Common Sense Tactics When Dealing with a Short Notice Job Interview

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5 tips for the short-notice interviewer


5 Common Sense Tactics When Dealing with a Short Notice Job Interview

By: Kerm Hamilton

Imagine that you’ve just had a conversation with a recruiter or HR Talent Acquisition Specialist who gave you short notice about a face-2-face interview at eight o’clock the following morning.  This is a company that is of great interest to you, and the open job requisition sounds ideal. You are “go” for the interview.

A short notice face-2-face interview.  Now what?

There are plenty of suggestions on the web regarding how to participate in a successful interview.  However, most suggestions have an assumption that there is time to prepare and practice. This situation can be a gripper for most job seekers – novices and experienced candidates alike.

Here are 5 commonsense considerations when faced with this opportunity:

  1. “Know What You Are Walking Into.” Clarify with the recruiter/HR contact the type of interview you’ll be facing.  Is it “one-on-one”, or a team/panel interview?  What will be the focus of the meeting, i.e., a general resume overview or possibly a dialed-in technical interview?  Is it a “Door A-B-C” one interview after another dance?
  1. “The Big Three.” Actually, there are 2 “Big Three’s”:
  • When assessing the job ad, or the information shared by the recruiter/HR contact, what are the 3 most important messages you want the interviewers to hear and remember about you?
  • Prepare 3 open ended questions to be used when asked “What else would you like to know about this job or our company?”
  1. “When in Doubt, Check It Out.” An effective interview is one where a relationship is created.  A candidate may not land the immediate job opening, but a positive, connective interview may result in consideration for future openings.  Consider saying the following: “I want to make sure that I am answering your questions to the depth of what you are looking for.  How am I doing?  Too much – too little?  I want this to be a good use of your time.”
  1. Factor in your energy level. Are you an AM or PM person?  If your energy, and brain, doesn’t spool-up until late in the morning, make sure to give yourself nourishing, energy laden drinks or protein snacks to speed-up your wake-up.  Be careful not to over-caffeinate and turn into a “spinning top”.
  1. Make sure you know how to get there! Smartphone maps are very useful and may not indicate traffic slowdowns. Remember, you are driving to the interview during AM rush hour.  Listen to traffic radio while getting prepared for the interview.  Consider alternate routes, or means, to get to the interview ahead of time.  You are already under enough pressure and being late for the interview can make for an uncomfortable start.


One last suggestion – KEEP BREATHING!    Listen – Pause – Answer.




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