Should We Still Write Cover Letters?

In a word? Yes. In today’s world of increasing technology and decreasing human interaction, its easy to believe that a cover letter is no longer needed. However, if you stop to think about [...]

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Trust As A Key Value in Leadership

The topic of “trust” may not be discussed in daily conversation; yet, when asking others if they believe most leaders are “trustworthy,” there would probably be a long pause. Since the television [...]

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Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly

Hire slowly, fire quickly. Seems rather straightforward. But in reality, this is the exact opposite of how most companies operate. And it can seemingly be for good reasons—at least the [...]

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How to Show Employees You Appreciate Them

Today, more employees have called me, feeling frustrated as they no longer feel appreciated by their employers. The comments have included: “I’ve taken on more responsibilities after the company [...]

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