3 Signs You’re an Ineffective Leader

You have the title, you have solid experience in your field, and you know that senior management is expecting you to get results. However, you have this nagging feeling that your team is not [...]

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13 Things that Can Damage Your Career

With hiring on hold for now and employers increasingly wary of whether another economic slowdown is in store, employees should be extra cautious to avoid committing anything that may damage your [...]

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How to Add Value for Tomorrow’s Success

If you are over 25, you probably learned about career management from your friends or family. Find a good company, work hard, put in an honest day’s work, and your career will grow and evolve [...]

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4 Ways to Tell People You Lost Your Job

Call it what you want—layoff, corporate downsizing, getting dismissed or fired, receiving your walking papers or pink slip—losing your job hurts. Good news is that you are not alone! In today’s [...]

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