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December 12, 2012 - After receiving outplacement services from OI Partners, more than six times as many displaced employees reported having excellent or very good job search skills than before they entered the programs. OI Partners has

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Dec. 12, 2012 - OI Partners has announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Leading Indicator Systems to provide leadership assessment instruments targeted to middle managers to its clients. Leading Indicator Systems (LIS), headquartered in

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There are possible warning signs to help employees make adjustments and be ready to move forward if a job loss occurs. December 5, 2012 - Reductions in force have been increasing in recent weeks as more employers

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Last week a client called me with a dilemma: “My new company has a Business Casual dress code.  There are a lot of people I need to influence.  How do I make my appearance appropriate and professional?”

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Nov. 15, 2012 - Reductions in force have been increasing in recent weeks as more employers adjust their workforces to meet current and anticipated demand. The end of the year is a more precarious time for employees

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Oct. 25, 2012 - With Christmas sales and decorations rolling out before even Halloween, people may be wise to follow the lead of retailers and conduct a career check-up now instead of waiting for around New Year's,

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Sep. 11, 2012 - How can employers develop the top qualities they want most in their workers? OI Partners canvassed its more than 1,600 consultants to formulate 37 specific strategies employers can use to develop desired competencies

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July 12, 2012 - It's becoming almost as difficult to get good-quality professional contract and freelance work as it is to land a full-time job – and the competition is about to get even more fierce, according

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June 20, 2012 - Looking for a way to gain an edge over the competition in a very tight job market? Step up your job search during the summer, instead of slowing it down or putting it

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8 Qualities Employers Desire Most In Workers May 15, 2012 - How can employees make sure they receive some of the retention perks and benefits many companies are beginning to award again to talented workers? 2 out

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