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November 29, 2011 - Job-hunting during the holiday season is a great way to gain a competitive advantage over those taking a break and putting their searches on hold until next year, according to OI Partners, a

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Oct. 10, 2011 - The management pipeline is bare at many employers, according to a survey by OI Partners, a global coaching and leadership development/consulting firm. Four out of 10 companies do not have enough employees to

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Sep. 8, 2011 – Layoffs and terminations are very much part of our culture and laying people off and being laid off are both fearful and challenging for everyone. Following are some tips from OI Partners, a

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June 9, 2011 – As hiring has slowed in recent months, companies have become even more selective about who they are recruiting, so job-seekers need to learn the latest "must-do" ways to succeed with pickier employers, according

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April 27, 2011 – What types of workers are most in demand today? Employers are hiring employees who are experienced in their businesses, team-oriented, customer-focused, have a track record for achieving the results they want, and work

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Feb. 23, 2011 - People searching for a new job or to change careers this year should "think small" – as in targeting smaller businesses, according to OI Partners, a global talent management firm. Several recent surveys

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Jan. 13, 2011 - More employers are resolving to show employees how valuable they are in a stepped-up effort to retain top talent amid an improving job market, according to OI Partners, a global talent management firm.